Christmas Letter for Ron and Olive

Well it was indeed a long year of many trips and holidays.

Heather Walton was the first to turn 50, in January we all went to the Lake District, to Black Fell.

Teresa Downing, Ken Daly, Roger Thetford, Rob Lee, Wilson Poon and Jon Musgrave followed later.


a den on iniquity


and a frozen Tarn Howes.


In February we went skiing to St.Johann.

048 047

One windy weekend, James took on the Seven Hills…



Then in April we went to Fontainebleau where is was raining cats and …Pissing dogs

But there were some nice cakes for J&J to trough


Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 006Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 005

Some bouldering happened.

And then, the British Orienteering Championships, and the Champions were James, Freddie and Alex.

DSCN2532 (2)

Scout Camp at Sluggan Bridge, which is near, um…  well not near  anywhere really

James' Summer 2012 010

and back in time for a hot day in

Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 012

Before yet another holiday in Slovenia, probably the best small country in the world.

Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 020Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 021

With a very silly castle in a cave.

Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 028

and those Hampshire-Wrights

Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 031James' Summer 2012 039

This was as close as we got to the Olympics.  48 years too late, but there you go…

James' Summer 2012 025James' Summer 2012 026

Some Alps had to be climbed in Austria.

James' Summer 2012 035

Though this one was for the birds.

And James found a precarious ledge in the mist.James' Summer 2012 030

Our German wasn’t too good, but some signage was clear

Summer 2012 (Jane's camera) 034

On the way to a stunning location for an Orienteering race: Euromeeting at Maria Waldrast

Assembly area for euromeetingSummer 2012 (Jane's camera) 043
Assembly area for euromeeting

Graeme’s last effort to run with the big boys.  Until next time :).

All year James was training up a school orienteering team from Heriots in the hope of being Scottish School’s Champions.  Which they were.  And first team in the trial for the World Schools in Portugal next year.  Which they weren’t after a narrow second place.

James school trip Holyrood and WSOF selection race 030 (2)

But James had a great run and crept in as an individual runner.

James school trip Holyrood and WSOF selection race 034

And his pals made a super video.

It has been a very up and down year.


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