Hydrogen at Extreme Conditions: Allying Theory and Experiment

Hecate is Professor Graeme Ackland‘s ERC grant investigating high pressure hydrogen and related materials.

Current and Former Postdocs

Miriam Pena Alvarez   Raman Spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography at pressure Publications

Miriam Marques  Density Functional Theory and Quantum chemistry Publications

Heather Weibe  Molecular Dynamics and Path Integral Methods Publications

HongXiang Zong  Interatomic Potential Development Publications

Sam Azadi  Density Functional and Quantum Monte Carlo calculations Publications

Current and Former Students

Ioan Magdau

Iain Bethune


Sam Ramsey

Peter Cooke

Marcin Kircz

Sebastiaan van der Bund

Edinburgh Academic Collaborators

Eugene Gregoryanz

John Loveday

Andreas Hermann

Miguel Martinez Canales

Ingo Loa

Publications by Graeme Ackland

Original Proposal


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